Affiliate Disclosure participates in affiliate programs in order to generate revenue which can be used to enhance the site. Whilst we do not publically disclose the affiliate programs we use, you can often find which links are affiliated. These include;

  • Any Links that go away from the website. (May earn a commission on click, or after an activity has taken place, i.e sign-up).
  • Any posts that may focus on a specific tool, service, or product – however are often identified as sponsored posts.
  • Several advertisements would eventually lead you away from the website.

For more information regarding the affiliate programs we use, or if you have any concerns – don’t hesitate to get in touch with us as contact @

For more information, each page that features ‘affiliate’ content (i.e links, images, or product placements/sponsorships) will always have a small banner, saying as such either at the top or bottom the content.