7+ Cybersecurity Memes [Free Download]

In today’s Hakubi article, we take a look at 32+ Cybersecurity Memes that you can download for free. This is a collection of multiple memes we’ve made, but if we haven’t, we will credit the original artist/author. If you use any of these for your website, please provide us with credit!

Cybersecurity Memes

(1) Installing Kali Linux for the First Time

When you Install Kalilinux and run Apt-get Update (cybersecurity memes)
When you install Kali Linux for the first time…(Hakubi)

(2) It was a Phishing Email Karen

It was a Phishing Email Karen (cybersecurity memes)
Sorry Karen…

(3) When the CISO Showcases a new SOAR Tool

When a new SOAR Tool Comes up
When the CISO Shows you a New SOAR Tool

(4) Senior Leadership LOVE the Old Tools

Senior Leadership Love Old SIEM Tools
Just a preference…

(5) How much are you willing to pay for Advanced Threat Detection?

The Price of Advanced Detection Capability
What do you say…?

(6) Some Staff just need a little more help – that’s all…

Some staff just need some extra security training (cybersecurity memes)
Some staff just need some help!

Why did we make these cybersecurity memes?

Well… we’re not too sure. Some of them aren’t great but whenever we feel like adding more – we will! Got any ideas for some memes or funny cybersecurity sketches? Let us know down in the comments we’ll be happy to link over to you and give you credit where it’s due!

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In Conclusion

These mems are quite hard to come across, or at least really funny ones! What are your thoughts on these, did you like them? Let us know how you felt, and be sure to share them with your friends and family – encrypted of course, need to show that you like security. As always at Hakubi, we have a mix of learning and blog content that we think you’ll love. Be sure to check it out on Hakubi, and again let us know your thoughts!

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