How to Look like a Hacker (2023)

Are you wanting to look like a hacker? Looking like a hacker can mean many different things, but looking like a hacker and being a hacker are two completely different things. Looking like a hacker can be quick and easy using some online tools, but if you want to get into hacking then you should check out our learning courses.

How to look like a Hacker

Looking like a hacker online can be quite easy, and there are a few ways you can do this depending on where you are. You can also use this to look like a hacker on Chrome.

1. Use a Website like HackerTyper

A website that I used to use back when I was in school, was called “Hacker Typer”. is a great online tool that I used to use to impress people before I knew to hack things properly. This website lets you type (whatever you like really) and it will replace it with mock command code which imitates a hack. Holding the spacebar down (or any key) will spam this, and make you look like you’re hacking a system.

How to look like a Hacker using HackerTyper.
HackerTyper Display before Denied/Success Message

After you’ve typed out some stuff, you can then press either “Shift”, or “Alt” three times and you will eventually get either an access denied or access successful message to enhance your experience. Hackertyper is completely safe, and does not actually connect to anything, it’s simply a website that creates text – it just looks cool.

2. Use Simple CMD/PowerShell Commands

Something else I used to do when I wanted to look like a hacker was to use basic, and I mean very basic command-line commands. Something as simple as typing “tree” could make a host of strange-looking messages, when really all it’s doing is listing your files/directories. You would need to have access to “Command Prompt”, but should be available on most devices. Below are some commands you could use – again, these are safe but would help you look cool in front of friends, should you wish.

  • tree (will show you your files and directories in a list format).
  • color a (will make your command prompt green and black – like the above screenshot).
How to look like a Hacker with Command Prompt
Command Prompt “Tree” Command (with Color A)

3. Use Inspect Element (Chrome & Most Browsers)

Something that people have used since the inception of it – is to use “Inspect Element” on Chrome, or quite a few browsers. By following the below steps, you can change pretty much anything text-based (or image-based if you’re smart enough) to whatever you like.

  1. Highlight the text you want to change.
  2. Right-click, and press “Inspect Element”.
  3. In the right-hand screen, right-click on the highlighted selection and “Edit as HTML”.
  4. Once you’re in the HTML editor, just change the text to whatever you wish.

Here is a before and after of what this can do!

Wikipedia Entry for Hacking
Before Inspect Element
Changing Wikipedia to show Hacking and Hakubi
After Inspect Element

How to look like a Hacker on Chrome

By using either HackerTyper or Inspect Element, you may be able to look like your hacking a website – instructions on how to do those are above. Be sure to give it a go at home first in-case you get stuck!

Why would you want to look like a Hacker?

There may be many reasons why you want to look like a hacker. You might want to seem cool, get someone’s attention, or could be a list of things.

  • Get someone’s attention – someone you know or like, to see if they notice you’re hacking on a system.
  • To look cool – whilst real hacking almost never looks like this – it can still look cool to someone who isn’t technical.
  • To inspire – If you’re dealing with younger people, this can often inspire people to look into ethical hacking.

How to Actually Hack – Instead of trying to Look like a Hacker

Note: Hacking in most instances is illegal unless you have permission to do so. Please refer to the computer misuse act or Cyber Choices which can help you understand the restrictions around hacking.

Actually being able to hack is no small feat, and will likely take years of your life. Whilst hacking in itself is quite fun, it can also be really frustrating, so you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. Whilst his article will not cover how to actually hack anything, below are some resources that you may want to use to learn how to hack specifically.

In Conclusion

Overall, learning to become a hacker can be really challenging, but can often lead to major career prospects. No matter if you want to look cool, or actually show yourself as a hacker, we hope that this guide has helped you identify ways to show your skills off – real or not!

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