Who is Amanda Finch? – The CEO of CIISec

Who is Amanda Finch?

Amanda Finch is the CEO of CIISec. She has been in the Information Security industry since around 1991 and has worked tirelessly to contribute to the cybersecurity industry.

Amanda Finch
Amanda Finch

What is CIISec?

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Image Source: CIISec (Chartered Institue of Information Security)

The CIISec, or the Chartered Insitute of Information Security is the home to cybersecurity. Dedicated t raising the standard in cyber security, the CIISec team have developed frameworks, memberships, and development plans for individuals or corporate entities. CIISec in itself has about 50 employees and is the only pure-play information institution that has been granted a Royal Charter status.

Not only this, but the CIISec also hosts a bunch of live events both in-person and virtually which are also great fun to listen to! You can find out about their latest one on their website.

What is the history of Amanda Finch?

From what we know, Amanda Finch started back in 1980 as an Information Security Manager at Marks and Spencers, a UK supermarket chain. Back in 1980, this information was likely not as sophisticated as it is today. Eventually, Amanda left her role as an Information Security Manager in October 2008.

Amanda then moved to Rothschild, ISF (Internet Security Forum), and Amatimo for a further 14 years. In Oct 2008, Amanda then took on a role as a Non-executive director of CIISec, or the Chartered Insitute of Information Security. As of 2011, Amanda has been in the CEO role ever since and continues to develop her career in this role.

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Our Verdict

Overall, Amanda Finch has provided a great deal to the Infosec industry and has helped develop some of the most UK popular frameworks. With her extensive career focusing on Infosec, we can only see the positives of her actions and look forward to seeing how she develops both herself and CIISec in the future.

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