What is Threatware? (Beginners Guide – 2023)

What is Threatware?

Threatware is a relatively new keyword that is being thrown around in the cybersecurity space. Whilst this is a new phrase, you’ve likely heard of “malware”, which is comparable, almost identical. In today’s Hakubi article, we look at what threatware is, and how you can prevent it from affecting you. What is Threatware? By definition, … Read more

What is a Threat Intelligence Analyst?

What is a Threat Intelligence Analyst?

What is a Threat Intelligence Analyst? A threat intelligence analyst, also known as a cyber threat intelligence analyst is a specific research role within the cybersecurity industry. Threat intelligence analysts are usually monitoring external threats and landscapes for signs of attacks, investigative work to identify threats, and varied landscape detection. A cyber threat intelligence analyst … Read more

What is a Physical Pen-Test in Cybersecurity?

What is a Physical Pen-Test?

What is a Physical Pen-Test A physical pen test, or physical penetration test is a security audit conducted on your physical systems, usually on your business’s HQ/Office. Whilst most modern companies are moving completely virtual, around 98% of businesses are still located or have some kind of physical office presence. A physical pen test will … Read more

What Is Cybersecurity Governance? (Best Models & Frameworks)

What is Cybersecurity Governance (Best Frameworks)

In a world where millions of businesses are struggling to cope with the depth and breadth of cybersecurity, implementing effective cybersecurity governance is all the rage when starting or transitioning your business. In today’s article, we take a look at all things governance, including what cybersecurity governance is, some key considerations you should look for … Read more

What is Cybersecurity Risk Management?

What is Cybersecurity Risk Management

When someone talks about cybersecurity risk management, this refers to the ongoing process of researching, identifying, analysing, evaluating, and resolving any threats to your organisation, from a cybersecurity standpoint. Cybersecurity risk management, whilst quite extensive, will help you and your business stay ahead of potential cyberattacks, and fill any holes that leave your business vulnerable. … Read more

68 Cybersecurity Key Terms you Should Know

68 Cybersecurity Terms you Should Know

Cybersecurity is littered with key terms and sayings that you should know for when you apply, and work within the cybersecurity industry. Although there are hundreds if not thousands of key terms, here are 81 cybersecurity key terms you should know.  Beginner Cybersecurity Terms (38 Terms) Botnet A botnet is a term given to multiple … Read more

How To Become A Cybersecurity Expert (Step-By-Step)

How to become a Cybersecurity Expet

Becoming a cybersecurity expert in 2023 can often be a tough step within someone’s career, especially without any prior technical, or cybersecurity experience. Whilst tough, it can be done with a bit of determination and willpower. In todays blog post, we take a look at how to become a cybersecurity expert, with step-by-step guides and … Read more