What is a Physical Pen-Test in Cybersecurity?

What is a Physical Pen-Test?

What is a Physical Pen-Test A physical pen test, or physical penetration test is a security audit conducted on your physical systems, usually on your business’s HQ/Office. Whilst most modern companies are moving completely virtual, around 98% of businesses are still located or have some kind of physical office presence. A physical pen test will … Read more

What is Cybersecurity Risk Management?

What is Cybersecurity Risk Management

When someone talks about cybersecurity risk management, this refers to the ongoing process of researching, identifying, analysing, evaluating, and resolving any threats to your organisation, from a cybersecurity standpoint. Cybersecurity risk management, whilst quite extensive, will help you and your business stay ahead of potential cyberattacks, and fill any holes that leave your business vulnerable. … Read more