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Welcome to Hakubi!

Cybersecurity Services and Products, built by cybersecurity professionals, for cybersecurity professionals.

Who Are We?

We are a group of cybersecurity professionals who have seen it all, both good and bad…

We may have seen it all, but we never stop learning. We know what good cybersecurity looks like, and know how to deliver the best of the best to you as our clients.

Built, managed, and ran by cybersecurity professionals.
Translating technical jargon into plain English.
Built with bettering the world in mind.
Built from the ground-up.

We operate in 3 simple steps.

How It Works?

We operate in a simple 3 step operation, and it’s quite simple.

We’re people, just like you! We don’t want to overcomplicate and just say jargon because we can, we want to make it as easy as we can. That’s why at Hakubi we use 3 steps, try it, like it, optimize it. You try, you like (or don’t), and we optimize it continuiously to ensure you’re getting the best security possible, without lifting a finger. 

Want to see it in action? Let us know below – or just sign-up for a trial, we won’t even annoy you! 


You Try It

No questions, no calls - just try it.

You Like It

Like it? Let us know and we'll get you setup officially.

We Optimize it

We non-stop improve the service/products you've bought.


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